Our Mission: To bring the community and law enforcement together.


Letter from the President:

During my 20 plus years as a police officer, I found a huge disconnect between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It was not until later in my career when I became a community service officer, that I realized how to establish that connection and to truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Citizens and the police have the same goals. We both want safe neighborhoods and a better place to live. During my nine years as a community service officer, I felt compelled to start programs that would bring citizens and the police together. I learned the best way to change the public’s perspective is to start with children, thus I created several community service programs aimed at kids.

I quickly found that these programs work!! They break down barriers and teach police officers and citizens to trust and depend on each other. Now I want to bring these programs to your community.

The Cops and Kids Foundation was created to help bring law enforcement agencies together with the communities they serve. We are here to provide police departments with the means to make the connection between officers and the people.

Unfortunately, the first thing cut from most police department budgets is the community policing funds. Our foundation exists to fill in the gaps in budgets, and allow departments to start and/or maintain their community policing initiatives.

I thank you for visiting the Cops and Kids Foundation website and allowing us to share our efforts with you. I hope you will join us and help connect law enforcement and children in your community.

Yours Truly,

Bob Kraemer
President, Cops and Kids Foundation, Inc.