Grants are available to police departments located in the state of Wisconsin. Departments must have the full support of the Chief of Police (or Sheriff) for approval.

The following requirements must be met to receive and maintain funding:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Proof of Insurance. The Cops and Kids Foundation provides the resources for our programs however, the insurance and liability falls on the department.
  3. Department must provide a yearly report to the foundation. The report will include dollars spent/raised, number of outings and participant data for the year. Photographs from the outings are appreciated and will be shared on our Facebook page.
  4. Prior to each outing every participant’s parent/guardian will sign a liability waiver which releases the department, the Cops and Kids Foundation and its sponsors. This release will also give the department and the foundation permission to post photographs online and sanction media coverage at the event.
  5. You must hold a specified number (based on the size and type of grant you receive) of outings each year or you will return the unused grant money to the foundation.
  6. You must return all unused funds and equipment to the Cops and Kids Foundation if your department discontinues the program.
  7. Grants are not to be used for employee wages.

For information on grant opportunities please contact us:


Cops and Kids Foundation
P.O. Box 384
Sussex, WI 53089