We are all ONE Community...

Our One Community Initiative began in 2017, when the Cops and Kids Foundation teamed up with The Milwaukee Admirals, local businesses, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Waukesha Police Departments to expand the scope and variety of our programs. 

The goals of the One Community Initiative are:

  • Bring people of all colors, ages, religions and orientations together with law enforcement to form a stronger, better community.
  • Increase the number of overall events in Southeastern WI, particularly in the Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Waukesha communities.
  • Make a concerted effort to hold more events attended by individuals from multiple diverse communities.
  • Reach a larger audience by hosting events attended by families and adults, not just children. 
  • Expand our Mentor Program to include Milwaukee Admirals game outings for at-risk youths with police officers from their communities. (Thanks to the generosity of The Milwaukee Admirals!) 


 Below are just some of the awesome events made possible by The One Community Initiative and your support.

(Click on the links to see local news coverage of the events.)


Milwaukee Admirals Battle of the Badges Game Day 

Brat with a Cop

One Community Fish Tank Give Away


You can support the initiative by wearing a One Community wristband and letting your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers know that you are ready to work together with law enforcement to make the place we live better and safer for everyone. Follow the link below to purchase. All proceeds from wristband sales go to supporting One Community programs and the communities they serve. 

Wristband Photo

Order your wristbands online in quantities of 3 or more here!

If you would like more information or would like to sponsor the program, please contact:

Bob Kraemer